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1. General Provisions

1.1 Purpose.
The following Terms and Conditions are designed to regulate the usage conditions, procedures and other matters in order to use and access the web services ("Service") provided by the JOURNALPIA CO., LTD. ("Company")

1.2 Validity and Modification
a. These Terms and Conditions become valid when posted on the service page or when members are notified by other means.
b. The Company can change or modify these Terms and Conditions whenever justified. Any changes or modifications will be properly notified to members, at least 7 days prior to effectivity by means stipulated in article 1.2.a.
c. Any new services opened within the website of the Company will be guided by these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 Additional regulations
Matters not described by these Terms and Conditions will follow the regulations of Frame Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act and other related laws and regulations.

1.4 Definitions
The following definitions are used in these Terms and Conditions:

a. Member: A person or a corporation or a corporation-like entity that entered a service contract with the Company.
b. Operator: A person selected by the Company to manage overall services and ensure smooth operation.
c. ID: The combination of characters and numbers designated by the member and authorized by the Company to recognize the member for access to services.
d. Password: The combination of characters and numbers designated by the member to protect his/her information.
e. Service Suspension: Suspending the service for a certain period during the normal use of service, according to certain conditions defined by the Company.
f. Termination: Either the Company or a member canceling the service contract after it has commenced.

2. Activating the Service Contract

2.1 Concluding the Service Contract.
When the member presses the "Agree" button in reply to the prompt "Do you agree with above Terms and Conditions?" question, it is considered that the member is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. This is identical when the Terms and Conditions have been changed or modified and the changed or modified Terms and Conditions are not agreed to, membership registration can be cancelled.

2.2 Usage request and approval
a. The applicant can request usage by filling out and submitting the registration form at the user registration.
b. The Usage Contract is concluded by the Company’s approval of the member’s user registration.
c. The following cases can limit the approval of a member’s user registration and postpone the approval until the cause is resolved.
  i. When the capacity of service related facility is insufficient.
  ii. When there is a technical problem.
  iii. Other inevitable reasons.
d. Usage applicants must abide by the followings:
  i. The real name must be used in the user registration form.
  ii. Names other than the person’s own must not be used.
  iii. The information of user registration form must match the current fact.
  iv. The application must not have the purpose to disturb the public peace or order or     morals.
  v. If the information provided by the usage applicant does not match with current facts,     there are changes in information.
  vi. If the information provided by usage applicant do not match with current fact, or there     is reasonable cause to suspect the information, the usage of service can be limited.
e. Children below 14 years old must apply for the services only after receiving the approval from parents or legal guardians. This also applies to users below 20 years old who want to avail of paid services.

2.3 Changing the member’s ID
a. The he member’s ID can be changed upon request either by the member or the Company under the following cases.

  i. When the member has registered his/her ID with telephone number or ID number and     there is a possibility of violation of privacy on the part of the member
  ii. When the ID disturbs public morals or generates antipathy to other members.
  iii. Other reasonable causes.

2.4 Agreeing to use member’s information
a. The member’s information requested by the Company to fill out the user registration form are intended to use only to execute this contract and provide the services stipulated in the use contract.
b. The member’s information can be provided to the Company and affiliated companies to provide members to use the Company’s services and those of affiliated companies conveniently. In this case, the Company notifies this matter to the member in advance and the member not agreeing with this matter can cancel the registration, but continual use of the services is considered as agreed.
c. When government officials request on legal grounds, or for investigation purposes, or request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee, or information is provided upon request by other related legal procedures.
d. In relation to the Company’s work, the Company can generate statistical data related to all members or a portion of the members and provide them to other organizations or for the Company’s use.
e.A member can always inspect and change his/her personal information. When a member does not agree to the Terms and Conditions, and cancels the registration, the Company deletes the member’s information.
f. The Company can send cookies to the member’s computer through services. The member can deny the cookie or change the browser setting to prompt warnings.

3. Using the Services

3.1 Period of Use
a. The company instantly begins the services right after the approval of the member’s user registration. Only, when service cannot be started for business reasons or technical reasons, it must be posted on the services or instantly notified to the member.
b. The use of service is open 24/7 throughout the year. However, for Company’s business reasons, or technical reasons, all or a portion of services can be suspended temporarily as determined by the Company. In such cases, the Company is to notify the members of the reasons for such suspension before or after the suspension
c. The Company can appoint the service usable time to each service and in this case, the reasons are posted with sufficient prior notice.

3.2 Contents of the Services
The Services provided by the Company are the followings:

a. Main
b. Login (Sign Up/change information/deleting membership)
c. Journal information (Journal search/online journal search/online contents search/journal news/previous issue list)
d. Delivery information (Delivery status)
e. Order (View basket/acquire estimate/order)
f. Customer service (Q&A/HELP/E-mail/file room/related websites/special link)
g. Company introduction
h. Site map
i. Other services

3.3 Service fees
a. The services provided by the Company are basically free. Only the member needs to pay the stated fee to use the separate paid services.
b. The method of collecting the paid fees are as follows: payment methods designated by the Company or methods designated by e-payment companies contracted by the Company.

3.4 Providing information and posting advertisements
a. The Company can post advertisements on the services’ screens, home pages and e-mails assigned by the Company.
b. The members can not slander or delete or interfere with home page banner advertisements provided by the Company.
c. The Company can provide various information to members by posting information on the services for service operation.

3.5 Deleting the postings or contents
The Company can supplement or delete any service postings or contents that violate the regulations or exceeds the posting time, without any notice or agreement.

3.6 Suspension of service providing
For free services, the Company can always modify or stop all or a portion of services when needed, and the Company must notify the members instantly by e-mails or internet home page.

4. Rights and Obligations

4.1 OThe Company’s Obligations
a. The Company must maintain the service providing facilities to all time operation status, except for special reasons. The Company must try its best to provide services stably.
b. The Company must handle any member’s complaints related to services instantly and if instant handling is not possible, the reason and date must be notified to the member through service or e-mail.

4.2 Members’ Obligations
a. The member must abide by related laws, regulations of these Terms and Conditions, use information, notices posted on the services and notices from Company and must not perform any acts to interfere with Company’s business.
b. The member can not use the services for any commercial purposes without approval of the Company and can not distribute or post any illegal materials.
c. The member has the responsibility to maintain and manage his/her ID and password, and has full responsibility for all the consequences of use of his/her ID and password. Also, the member must notify the Company instantly when his/her ID and password are used without his/her approval.
d. The member can not copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, advertise, sell, other methods of use, or provide the information gained from services to other parties without the Company’s approval. The Company shall not be held liable for the consequences of these acts when a member violates these Terms and Conditions. The member is liable for damages caused by these acts to the Company.
e. The member must not do the following in relation to the services:
  i. Posting or linking or distributing any pornographic material or pornographic websites     on the Company’s home pages and bulletin boards.
  ii. Insulting other members or other people and violating other people’s intellectual     properties.
  iii. Hacking or distributing computer viruses and constantly sending advertises or fixed     information to other people against their wills.
  iv. Illegal use of other member’s ID.
  v. Collecting and storing other user’s personal information.
  vi. Impersonating a Company worker or forum leader or other people.
  vii. Forging the sender of contents sent by services.
  viii. Stalking or harassing other people.
  ix. Distributing or sharing contents of paid services against the contents owner’s will.
  x. Any act that endangers the service operation and violates other related laws.
  xi. Using or draining the Company’s unique databases for any commercial use.

4.3 Prohibition of transfer
The member can not transfer or donate the authorization to use the services or other contracted position and can not provide as the secured.

4.4 Rights and responsibilities to postings
The member has all the rights and responsibilities, including copyrights for his/her own postings.

4.5 Termination and limitations
a. The Company can notify the cancellation of services within a certain period to the member or instantly terminate the use of services when the member has violated these Terms and Conditions.
b. When the member, whose service usage has been terminated by 4.5.a, and reregisters, the Company can limit the approval of service use.
c. When a member wants to terminate or cancel his/her usage of services, he/she has to request the termination or cancellation via service or e-mail.

4.6 Indemnity
a. The free services provided by the Company have no obligations of indemnity.
b. The Company shall not indemnify any damages caused by natural disasters or beyond its control or by user’s intention or carelessness.
c. For paid services, the damages will be indemnified according to each service’s indemnity regulations.

4.7 Exemption clauses
a. The Company has no guarantees for any contents posted, transmitted information, data, accuracy of facts or reliability by the member and is not responsible to any damages caused by the member’s service data selection or usage.
b. The Company has no responsibility for any damages or losses from data obtained when the member uses the services for profit or service.
c. The Company has no obligation to interfere or responsibility to indemnify any arguments that arise between members and other parties or members by services.
d. The Company is exempted from responsibilities when service usage trouble has occurred due to a member’s wrongdoing.
e. When damages have occurred to the Company by violating these Terms and Regulations, the member who has violated these Terms and Conditions shall indemnify all the damages to the Company and the Company shall not be held liable.
f. The Company can limit the e-mail messages provided from the Services, maximum storage date for postings, maximum size of e-mails, maximum disk space allotted to the member and other general uses. The Company can also terminate any accounts inactive for a certain period.

4.8 Settling the disputes
a. The Company and the member shall try earnestly to smoothly solve any disputes arising from the use of services.
b. If a lawsuit results despite of all efforts to prevent one, the Seoul Central District Court has jurisdiction.

4.9 Application of laws
All of the legal issues that arise by the member’s service use are in accordance with Korea’s related laws.

Supplementary Provision
These Terms and Conditions are effective as of September 1st, 2001.

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   Please obtain a Company ID from library before Signing in.
   The company IDs are issued to organizations and companies contracted with Journalpia.
   The supervisors or librarians willing to use the librarian helper should contact Journalpia
    Signing Up as company member. (E-mail : Tel:82-2-6330-8331)
   The Journalpia will carry out librarian authorization to your ID.
   Only the ID with the librarian authorization can view the librarian helper and EJVS status.
   You can use all the services except for Online Journals and Librarian Helper.
   If you have not contracted with Journalpia, please Sign Up as a General member.
   You can use the journal bibliography search, free online and inquiry.

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