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  Welcome to the website of Journalpia. Journalpia has provided the agency service of the foreign academic periodical subscription for domestic university libraries, laboratories and hospitals since 1995. Especially, we have lead the interior agency market of foreign academic periodical subscription through close business cooperation with global foreign academic periodical publishers like of ELSEVIER and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and so on and specialized Journalpia services of EJVS (Online Journal Platform) and LHPS (Periodicals Management Platform).

  Also, we are going to take a leap again for strong web services, consulting services, online services, innovative physical distributions and optimized business through the movement to the new office building and the staff expansion according to the business extension in October, 2004.
  Journalpia will take a responsibility as a partner to promote the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the national techniques by cultivating men of talent who are creative and have the open thoughts for mutual communication through the smooth information sharing with the world’s best publishers, institutes, Korea’s best universities and hospital laboratories.
Total Solution for Library Periodicals (Paper, Online)
The effective display of claims and delivery status lists for Paper Journal
The display of simple Paper Journal claims and electric delivery statements for each delivery
Huge amount of Journal MARC Data Library
Delivery Confirmation by Using SISAC Barcode System and
linkage Support with the systems of each institute
Inquiry on estimate lists, etc
Graphs per journal, use, IP and time, detailed statistics and analyses for preference and usage rate of the online Journal.
Authority Setting Function for Online User and Corresponding IP
Online Journal Service Status and Whole List Management Function
Embarkation of new Article meta search in more than 30,000types
Combined lists and searching function on not only electronic resources in subscription by Journalpia but also them offered by other online providers like KESLI and so on.
One Click-Easy Access to Full Text
Bookmark Function for Unique Online Resources per User
The service to handle troubles by accessing user’s computer from Journalpia IT team, when the problems of use’s computer or network are caused while using or the user does not know how to use.
Free Searching Service of Korea’s Most and Newest Journal Bibliography Information
Possibility of various searching per filed, keyword, Browsing and Core Journal and cross-searching
Free DB Use Service of Open Access Journal
Provision of World’s popular Online Journal Providers and laboratory lists
Possibility of real time delivery checking and location tracking through the web
Delivery Confirmation Service Using SISAC Barcode System

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