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Get off at Daelim station of subway line no.2 and come out to exit no.1, head to the south Guro until Central hospital, turn to the direction of Yengseo middle and high school and get into the inner way of Raemian apt. You can find E&C Venture Dream Tower on the way.


Come out to exit no. 3 of Guro Digital Complex Station, subway line no.2,
go down to Boram apt. direction, go into Guro digital complexes at the first crossroad, and you can see Raemian apt. by walking toward E-biz center at second first crossroad.


Turn into the sign of Guro digital complexes while heading Siheung on Siheung highway and there is E-mart. Turn right at the corrosroad of E-mart and go straight until you reach Raemian apt.
Go to South Guro direction at Daelim station, turn left at the first crossroad after passing Guro church, mmake a left turn again at the another first crossroad , and you can see the E-biz center. Then, make another left turn at that crossroad to arrive at Raemian apt.

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